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The purpose of the supply chain and logistics in the group is threefold:

  • Optimise transport and logistics costs.
  • Establish optimum levels of stock throughout the chain.
  • Ensure quality delivery flows to the group's customers in over 100 countries as well as inter-subsidiary flows.

The current context of the Altrad group makes the supply chain all the more crucial for several reasons:
  • Strong growth in the services business (rental with or without installation) for which logistics is a core feature.
  • Increasing flows between subsidiaries (between production and service companies or between production sites located in low-cost countries and trading or assembly sites).
  • The group's wider geographical reach.

A transversal unit directs the supply chain and logistics process, with support from each of the subsidiaries and input from the various Progress Units, to identify and implement synergies. It may also call on a particular subsidiary to ensure operational flow management.

Altrad group transport means:
  • Maritime shipping of over 6000 containers per year, of which 25 are of regular Origins / Destinations.
  • Road transport from 127 main points of origin.