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Professional mixers



Altrad has developed a range of mixers for the building trade, with a rugged design that is perfectly adapted to professionals in all trades: builders, tilers, roofers and public works. Drum capacities vary from 190 to 480 litres. They are loaded manually and have tipping drums.
There are available with or without crown wheels, highway-towable or not and with various motors, single or three-phase electric or petrol or diesel engines.
Altrad professional mixers are marketed under the brands Altrad, Vito, Mag, Océane, Richier Béton, Guy Noël, Ransome, Altrad Conmix, Altrad Lescha, Altrad Baromix, Altrad Spomasz, Altrad Liv.




Altrad Baromix

Altrad Conmix

Altrad Lescha

Altrad Liv

Altrad Spomasz

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