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Modular equipment



Designed for surveillance or as equipment for beaches and other public bathing areas, Altrad Modualr Equipment for Public authorities is made with materials that resist outdoor wear and tear: stainless steel, fibreglass and aluminium, exotic wood.
This range offers equipment such as first aid or lifeguard posts, modular buildings, showers, toilets, kiosks or refreshment stalls, mats or floating pontoons.
Special care has gone into designing the first aid posts, developed in collaboration with Lifeguard associations. Rugged and functional, they blend perfectly with coastal sites and comply with all the demands in regard to regulations and standards.
Moreover, their solar panels ensure autonomy in terms of energy!
These products are sold under the trademarks Altrad Mefran, Mefran and Mefran Collectivities.



Altrad Mefran


Mefran Collectivités



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