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A whole range of rammers from 50 up to 86 kg ideal for working in narrow trenches.


Features of the range:

  • 4-stroke Honda or Robin petrol engine.
  • New: RTX 80D with a diesel engine.
  • Excellent traction.
  • Low hand-arm vibration.
  • Manoeuvring handle with a built-in, high precision anti-vibration system to improve operator comfort.
  • Low pollution emission and low noise in compliance with European directives.
  • Built-in handle and roller for handling.
  • Ergonomic acceleration control.
  • Extra heavy duty bellows
  • Very easy to start, no oil/petrol mixture.
  • Heavy duty engine protection frame with high resistance tubular chassis.
  • Foot extensions and narrow feet available as accessories
  • Categories PN1 to PN2


Rammers are sold under the Belle trademark.


RTX 68
RTX Range
RTX 80D [FR]
RTX 80D [EN]




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