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Man lives among his fellows. At their side, he works, builds and forms his judgement. What would he do alone? What would become of him? He needs others. Yet there comes a time when he becomes aware of the narrowness of this framework and the need to get involved in a wider, more diversified context. Indeed, existence is not just a matter of exchanging favours, whereby everyone finds something to his own advantage. The community a man is part of offers him far more, and at the end of the day, he has to think about pledging his commitment to furthering it. So a time comes when it is incumbent on him to give back to this community a part of what he has gained by it, in terms of experience or, when life has favoured him and supported his efforts, in terms of material gain.

For twenty-five years now, I have headed an enterprise which I have developed to international dimensions. The Altrad Group has substantially proven its vitality and durability. There is no reason to hide the fact that I derive a certain pride from this, but I have not forgotten all those who have worked in the past and who continue to work toward its success. Nor have I forgotten the city, the department and the region which welcomed me and have allowed me to fulfil my project. Those who know me, moreover, know that I have always insisted on the social dimension of economic activity, on the need for the various subsidiaries in the Group to develop their roots in the regions in which they are present, as well as those outside their frontiers borders.

All this to say that it struck me as the right moment to answer a call from civil society and take an active role. Let me assure you that I have no ulterior economic motive in doing so; it is simply a desire to make myself useful, by accomplishing a moral duty in a sense, fulfilling an obligation as a citizen.

With this perspective in mind, I decided to invest an interest in Montpellier Hérault Rugby Club (MHR), by becoming its main shareholder. Why sport, rather than a social institution or a charity organisation? First of all, I already intervene, on a personal basis, in the latter two areas and I do not exclude the possibility of resuming this.
But above all I chose sport – which is a social activity and, let’s not forget, an area of education and integration – because it reflects the values I have always defended, in my life and within the Group: passion, commitment, the will to succeed while respecting others, the solidarity, in fact, which cements teamwork. And of all sports, rugby, as those who are familiar with it or have played it are well aware, is perhaps the sport which most embodies these values. The MHR, for its part, is rising fast – you only have to look at its remarkable progress this year. And it represents the kind of challenge I like.

For additional information about Rugby club or about Game’s schedule, please visit MHR website : www.montpellier-rugby.com.



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