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Jake White - Altrad Group Ambassador


Jake White, born on March 19, 1963 in Johannesburg, South Africa, is a reference in the rugby world. Early on in his career White turned towards coaching youth teams. Spotted for his qualities as a trainer and in light of his results, he was soon invited to take charge of the Under 21s, leading them on to the world championship title in 2002.

Now regarded as "one of the best coaches of the oval planet", the South African has a track record to prove it: 2007 world champion and winner of the 2004 Tri Nations with the Springboks of South Africa, Super 15 finalist in 2013 with the Brumbies in Australia and semi-finalist in 2014 with the Sharks in Durban.

White’s major advantage is his commitment to the players with whom he forges simple, solid relationships that honour respect, trust and solidarity. His ability to establish an exemplary atmosphere within the team has made him a "great leader of men, a general for whom one goes to the front."   With exceptional mastery of his role as "Manager", White doesn’t hesitate to stress the values ​​of rugby: team spirit, courage, combativeness, solidarity even in failure, conviviality, etc.

Values ​​shared by the Altrad Group and which emerge repeatedly during the various seminars organized by the Group. It is therefore natural for the Group to have made Jake White an Ambassador of communication, calling on him as a speaker to share his experience before committees of Altrad subsidiaries worldwide.
By bringing together the world of sport and the world of business, Jake White transmits the management principles that have led to his success. He often refers to the concept of "diversity" in his speeches. He also stresses the need to understand the dynamics of the team in order to build resilience, control emotions and manage frustrations.



March committee meeting 2015 – Altrad Stadium

July committee meeting 2015 – Altrad Stadium